HugeGraph 配置项

Gremlin Server 配置项

config option default value descrition
host The host or ip of Gremlin Server.
port 8182 The listening port of Gremlin Server.
scriptEvaluationTimeout 30000 The timeout for gremlin script execution(millisecond).
channelizer Indicates the protocol which the Gremlin Server provides service.
graphs hugegraph: conf/ The map of graphs with name and config file path.
authentication authenticator:, config: {tokens: conf/} The authenticator and config(contains tokens path) of authentication mechanism.


Rest Server & API 配置项

config option default value descrition
graphs [hugegraph:conf/] The map of graphs' name and config file.
restserver.url The url for listening of rest-api server.
restserver.max_worker_threads 2 * CPUs The maximum worker threads of rest server.
gremlinserver.url The url used to connect gremlin server from rest-api server.
batch.max_edges_per_batch 500 The maximum number of edges submitted per batch.
batch.max_vertices_per_batch 500 The maximum number of vertices submitted per batch.
batch.max_write_ratio 50 The maximum thread ratio for batch writing, only take effect if the batch.max_write_threads is 0.
batch.max_write_threads 0 The maximum threads for batch writing, if the value is 0, the actual value will be set to batch.max_write_ratio * total-rest-threads.
exception.allow_trace false Whether to allow exception trace stack.
auth.authenticator The class path of authenticator implemention. e.g.,
auth.admin_token 162f7848-0b6d-4faf-b557-3a0797869c55 Token for administrator operations.
auth.user_tokens [hugegraph:9fd95c9c-711b-415b-b85f-d4df46ba5c31] The map of user tokens with name and password.



config option default value descrition
backend rocksdb The data store type, available values are [memory, rocksdb, cassandra, scylladb, hbase, mysql].
serializer binary The serializer for backend store, available values are [text, binary, cassandra, hbase, mysql].
store hugegraph The database name like Cassandra Keyspace.
rate_limit 0 The max rate(items/s) to add/update/delete vertices/edges.
store.graph graph The graph table name, which store vertex, edge and property.
store.schema schema The schema table name, which store meta data.
store.system system The system table name, which store system data.
vertex.default_label vertex The default vertex label.
vertex.check_customzied_id_exist true Whether to check the vertices exist for those using customized id strategy.
vertex.tx_capacity 10000 The max size(items) of vertices(uncommitted) in transaction.
vertex.cache_capacity 10000000 The max cache size(items) of vertex cache.
vertex.cache_expire 600 The expire time in seconds of vertex cache.
edge.tx_capacity 10000 The max size(items) of edges(uncommitted) in transaction.
edge.cache_capacity 1000000 The max cache size(items) of edge cache.
edge.cache_expire 600 The expire time in seconds of edge cache.
schema.cache_capacity 100000 The max cache size(items) of schema data.
schema.illegal_name_regex .\s+$|~. The regex specified the illegal format for schema name.
schema.sync_deletion false Whether to delete schema synchronously.
query.page_size 500 The size of each page when query using paging.
task.wait_timeout 10 Timeout in seconds for waiting for the task to complete,such as when truncating or clearing the backend.
search.text_analyzer ikanalyzer Choose a text analyzer for searching the vertex/edge properties, available type are [word, ansj, hanlp, smartcn, jieba, jcseg, mmseg4j, ikanalyzer].
search.text_analyzer_mode smart Specify the mode for the text analyzer, the available mode of analyzer are {word: [MaximumMatching, ReverseMaximumMatching, MinimumMatching, ReverseMinimumMatching, BidirectionalMaximumMatching, BidirectionalMinimumMatching, BidirectionalMaximumMinimumMatching, FullSegmentation, MinimalWordCount, MaxNgramScore, PureEnglish], ansj: [BaseAnalysis, IndexAnalysis, ToAnalysis, NlpAnalysis], hanlp: [standard, nlp, index, nShort, shortest, speed], smartcn: [], jieba: [SEARCH, INDEX], jcseg: [Simple, Complex], mmseg4j: [Simple, Complex, MaxWord], ikanalyzer: [smart, max_word]}.
snowflake.datecenter_id 0 The datacenter id of snowflake id generator.
snowflake.force_string false Whether to force the snowflake long id to be a string.
snowflake.worker_id 0 The worker id of snowflake id generator.
gremlin.graph Gremlin entrence to create graph.


Cassandra & ScyllaDB 后端配置项

config option default value descrition localhost The seeds hostname or ip address of cassandra cluster.
cassandra.port 9042 The seeds port address of cassandra cluster.
cassandra.connect_timeout 5 The cassandra driver connect server timeout(seconds).
cassandra.read_timeout 20 The cassandra driver read from server timeout(seconds).
cassandra.keyspace.strategy SimpleStrategy The replication strategy of keyspace, valid value is SimpleStrategy or NetworkTopologyStrategy.
cassandra.keyspace.replication [3] The keyspace replication factor of SimpleStrategy, like '[3]'.Or replicas in each datacenter of NetworkTopologyStrategy, like '[dc1:2,dc2:1]'.
cassandra.username The username to use to login to cassandra cluster.
cassandra.password The password corresponding to cassandra.username.
cassandra.compression_type none The compression algorithm of cassandra transport: none/snappy/lz4.
cassandra.jmx_port=7199 7199 The port of JMX API service for cassandra.

RocksDB 后端配置项

config option default value descrition
rocksdb.allow_mmap_reads false Allow the OS to mmap file for reading sst tables.
rocksdb.allow_mmap_writes false Allow the OS to mmap file for writing.
rocksdb.bulkload_mode false Switch to the mode to bulk load data into RocksDB.
rocksdb.compaction_style LEVEL Set compaction style for RocksDB: LEVEL/UNIVERSAL/FIFO.
rocksdb.compression_type snappy The compression algorithm of RocksDB: snappy/z/bzip2/lz4/lz4hc/xpress/zstd.
rocksdb.data_disks [] The optimized disks for storing data of RocksDB. The format of each element: STORE/TABLE: /path/to/disk.Allowed keys are [graph/vertex, graph/edge_out, graph/edge_in, graph/secondary_index, graph/range_index].
rocksdb.data_path rocksdb-data The path for storing data of RocksDB.
rocksdb.delayed_write_rate 16777216 The rate limit in bytes/s of user write requests when need to slow down if the compaction gets behind.
rocksdb.log_level INFO The info log level of RocksDB.
rocksdb.max_background_compactions 4 The maximum number of concurrent background compaction jobs.
rocksdb.max_background_flushes 4 The maximum number of concurrent background flush jobs.
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_base 536870912 The upper-bound of the total size of level-1 files in bytes.
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_multiplier 10.0 The ratio between the total size of level (L+1) files and the total size of level L files for all L.
rocksdb.max_open_files -1 The maximum number of open files that can be cached by RocksDB.
rocksdb.max_subcompactions 4 The value represents the maximum number of threads per compaction job.
rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number 6 The maximum number of write buffers that are built up in memory.
rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number_to_maintain 0 The total maximum number of write buffers to maintain in memory.
rocksdb.min_write_buffer_number_to_merge 2 The minimum number of write buffers that will be merged together.
rocksdb.num_levels 7 Set the number of levels for this database.
rocksdb.optimize_mode true Optimize for heavy workloads and big datasets.
rocksdb.sst_path The path for ingesting SST file into RocksDB.
rocksdb.target_file_size_base 67108864 The target file size for compaction in bytes.
rocksdb.target_file_size_multiplier 1 The size ratio between a level L file and a level (L+1) file.
rocksdb.use_direct_io_for_flush_and_compaction false Enable the OS to use direct reads and writes in flush and compaction.
rocksdb.use_direct_reads false Enable the OS to use direct I/O for reading sst tables.
rocksdb.wal_path rocksdb-data The path for storing WAL of RocksDB.
rocksdb.write_buffer_size 134217728 Amount of data in bytes to build up in memory.

HBase 后端配置项

config option default value descrition
hbase.hosts localhost The hostnames or ip addresses of HBase zookeeper, separated with commas.
hbase.port 2181 The port address of HBase zookeeper.
hbase.threads_max 64 The max threads num of hbase connections.
hbase.znode_parent /hbase The znode parent path of HBase zookeeper.

MySQL 后端配置项

config option default value descrition
jdbc.driver com.mysql.jdbc.Driver The JDBC driver class to connect database.
jdbc.url jdbc:mysql:// The url of database in JDBC format.
jdbc.username root The username to login database.
jdbc.password The password corresponding to jdbc.username.
jdbc.reconnect_interval 3 The interval(seconds) between reconnections when the database connection fails.
jdbc.reconnect_max_times 3 The reconnect times when the database connection fails.

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